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Coogan Builders

About Us

At Coogan Builders, everything we create should resonate with your sense of what is BEAUTIFUL

We listen to your needs and desires, and a foundation for design naturally evolves. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, your home must be LIVEABLE

And most of all, each home must be TAILORED. From our first conversation to the last, we will strive to achieve a house that has detail, craftsmanship, and is comfortable to live in. 

Rather than forcing your lifestyle to adapt to the design, we allow the design to conform to your every day -- creating a home that is a perfect reflection of you.

We work with homeowners and designers to create a one-of-a-kind home you will love. Meet with us, understand our work ethic, management skills, and extensive construction experience. 

The Coogan Team has 23 years of experience building custom homes. Coogan Builders is a member of the Madison Area Home Builders Association.

We are not just any builder, we are Coogan Builders, and your home matters. It's our passion and drives us to give you our best.